✈ Based in Tampa, FL (US)

Florida singer Adia’s soulful sound is inspired by classic Erykah Badu or Brandy songs, traversed by a retro feel with a modern touch, sensual and soulful with a dash of Funk. Mastering the balancing act of re-creating the turn-of-the-millennial vibe while adding her very own touch to it, Adia creates timeless tunes that touch themes like the nuances of romantic relationships, vulnerability and love.

Her deeply rooted love for hip hop and some of its pioneers is reflected in her ties to modern-day beat culture and various collaborations with some of the finest producers and multi-instrumentalists.

Adia’s songs have been played on Soulection Radio and featured in BUTTER, Soultronic, Chilled R&B and many more on Spotify. Her new EP ‘Stubborn Nature’ with production by e.g. The Kount, Bluestaeb, Tek.Lun will be out this year.