• 07 Jul 2024
    Berlin, Germany
  • 28 Jul 2024
    Jazzopen 2024
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • 15 Aug 2024
    We Out Here 2024
    Wimborne St Giles, United Kingdom
  • 19 Oct 2024
    Enjoy Jazz 2024
    Heidelberg, Germany
  • 30 Oct 2024
    E-Werk Clubbühne
    Erlangen, Germany
  • 01 Nov 2024
    JazzOnze Plus Festival 2024
    Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 04 Nov 2024
    Leverkusener Jazztage 2024
    Leverkusen, Germany
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✈ Based in Berlin (DE)

Roman Klobe, also known as @cowboyklobe, is a dynamic musician, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in the vibrant musical landscape of Berlin. With his eclectic style, he has become a prominent figure in the city’s music scene.

A key member of the uprising Moses Yoofee Trio, Roman showcases his versatility and skill across various genres, infusing his music with energy and innovation. His contributions to the trio have helped carve out a unique sound that captivates audiences and critics alike.

In addition to his work with the Moses Yoofee Trio, he has also collaborated with German pop legend Peter Fox, both on stage and in the studio. Aswell as with international artists like MHD from France or upcoming afro-soul star Qing Madi from Lagos, Nigeria

Whether he’s producing, composing or performing, Roman continues to push the boundaries of music, leaving a lasting impression on the industry and audiences worldwide.