✈ Based in Cornwall (UK)

Karum Cooper, a multi-talented artist from Cornwall, is the mastermind behind the project „Webmoms.“ Initially rooted in alt-rock and progressive metal, Cooper’s solo journey began with collaborations in the Lo-Fi Hip Hop realm, leading to the release of his acclaimed debut EP „Ruchikar.“ Blending jazz, neo-soul, R&B, and hip-hop influences, Webmoms‘ music has earned praise from critics and significant radio play on BBC networks, Spotify, and Apple Music. Cooper’s exploration extends to spoken word, which integrates seamlessly into his beats, with a new project slated for 2024. Additionally, he leads the Webmoms Live Ensemble, reinterpreting his music with a jazz-fusion twist, and continues his role as a sought-after producer, collaborating with prominent artists in South Africa and Nigeria.

„A smouldering, sultry offering that weaves together threads of jazz, neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop“ 
Complex UK

“Matching his skills as a guitarist with lo-fi drums and beautiful jazz motifs, his debut EP Ruchikar is a window into his far-reaching musical talents and the influences that have paved the way until now.” 
Stamp The Wax