Parra for Cuva sold out the first cities and added new dates to his upcoming album tour. 🟡

➡️ Sold Out: Cologne / Amsterdam / Lisbon / Munich

➡️ New: Prague / Vienna / Stockholm / Oslo / Copenhagen

Today we kick off the Parra for Cuva album campaign with the first single Mimose. 🟡

“In Mimose, the album’s title track and its most dance-y single, a hazy texture imbues the tune with softness. “I wrote the basic idea for the track while camping in New Zealand. We had very bad luck with the weather, and had to stay inside for most of the time,” remembers Parra for Cuva, “I knew I wanted it to be this big, fat build up and I jammed the whole day until I found that chord progression and vocals. I then finished off the track in Italy”. Yes, the track’s got urgency but it also has escapism.“

What a year for the Moses Yoofee Trio. After the release of their debut EP OCEAN, they performed sold-out shows in Paris, Brussels, London, Dubai, Cologne, and other cities. We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store!

Another crazy year is coming to an end. Positively and negatively crazy. It often feels challenging to stay motivated amidst all the world’s pain. I wish that oppressed people and those without international advocacy get a voice and that their suffering is minimized. I wish that every child on this planet can grow up in a warm, safe environment, with enough to eat and access to education. I wish that people would look beyond themselves more often and inquire about how others are doing.

I am grateful that almost all of my closest people are healthy, and I get to work with fantastic personalities and musicians. That is not a given. 

It might sound lofty, but my heart is heavy, and I couldn’t end the year with a light-hearted text. Music always helps, though, so here are the tracks that were celebrated the most in the office this year.

One love!

‚Ocean‘ is a treasure of an album. Populated by the calibre of musicianship that people dream of but more than that, and more importantly, the music communicated speaks directly to your soul…“
– Magazine Sixty⁠