Loreen Valier

Loreen is a music manager from Berlin, being passionate about the music industry as well as about other creative industries in art and culture. She has been active in the music scene since 2016, working in various positions and sectors such as booking and tour management, but also label promotion/marketing/product management and of course artist management. Working with acts like e.g. AnnenMayKantereit, FABER and Brenda Blitz, she gained a broad understanding of strategic as well as operational management and marketing.

Also, Loreen feels most comfortable when she’s surrounded by people who share the same values ​​and beliefs as her. This includes the urge to advocate for fair conditions for artists and creative people and to actively shape the music industry for the better. Her special focus is on supporting all talents and geniuses who are not (yet) recognized by the world for what they deserve. To achieve this, she tirelessly uses her organizational talent and her solution-oriented, analytical skills.

✈ Based in Berlin (DE)