Reiston D’souza

A dynamic music professional with roots in India, Reiston boasts a decade-long career that has led him through various facets of the industry. Starting as a musician and sound engineer for major international festivals in India, he later pursued a master’s degree in media management in Germany.

Currently based in Berlin, his journey has evolved into artist management, where he passionately collaborates with notable acts such as Parra for Cuva, Moses Yoofee Trio, and Beau Diako. Working closely with Webmoms, Off Recordings, True Romance Records, and Exploited Records, he contributes to their continued success.

Reistons approach is defined by strategy and an unwavering love for music, propelling him to shape the music landscapes and support the growth of artists and music labels within the ever-evolving music industry.

✈ Based in Berlin (DE)